Brest State Forestry Institution

224022, the Republic of Belarus, the city of Brest, Kobrinskaja St., 53

Director: Prokopov Aleksej

Tel.: +375 162 593595, +375162503181

Fax: +375 162 593550

The total area of timber land in Brest Area is 1.33 mln ha, including area covered with forests- 1.2 mln ha. The average woodiness in the area is a bit above the average in the republic and amounts for 37%. The highest level of woodiness is in Gantsevichi region (56%), Ivatsevichi region (46%); relatively small woodiness (25-28%) is peculiar to Bereza, Drogichin, Kobrin, Ivanovo regions; very low level of woodiness is in Zhabinka region (18.9%).
The territory of Brest Area is within the borders of Neman-Predpolesye region, sub-zone of hardbeam-oak-dark coniferous forest in Bug-Polesye region in the area of hardwoods-pine-tree forests.
Belarusian Polesye, as well as Belovezhskaya Pushcha, is located in the intermediate line separating south boreal coniferous forests and European hardwoods, but at the same time it undergoes the influence of forest-prairie zone. Therefore this region is distinguished with rich variety of biological species in Belarus. Till present time the flora of vascular plants of Belarusian Polesye there are 1300 species (79% of Belarusian flora).
In spite of the widespread opinion, it’s forest type of vegetation that prevails in Belarusian Polesye, not the helobious type. Moreover, the woodiness in Polesye is 6% more then the average level of woodiness of Belarus. However, Polesye forests are distinguished with relatively low productivity, which is caused by widespread sand and swamp soil and age structure of forest stand – the young forests occupy about half of all plantations. The peculiar feature of Polesye forests is wide dissemination of the formations of piny forests (58.7%) and black alder forests (13.5%).
Predpolesye forests are distinguished with absolute domination of dry pinery; mainly these are the plantings of post-war planting. The second most important place belongs to fir woods. The biggest areas of forestry of the northern part of Brest region are declared biological reserves of the republican level: “Baranovichskiy” (area 32.8 thousand ha, Baranovichi and Ivatsevichi regions), “Mikhalinsko-Berezovskiy” and “Ruzhanskaya Pushcha”, area 7.9 and 2.8 thousand ha, located in Pruzhany region. Biological reserve “Buslovka” (7.8 thousand ha, Bereza, Pruzhany regions) is located in the intermediate zone between Predpolesye and Polesye.